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Otter Creek Conservation District (OCNRCD) continues to search out and receive funding for our Agricultural Outreach.  Programs are continually developed to assist small livestock farms take the steps necessary to develop a Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) and understand the changes to the Required Agricultural Practices.

Farms that have developed a Nutrient Management Plan have reduced their fertilizer costs, on average, by 23%. NMPs can help farms optimize yield goals, minimize inputs, and reduce the potential of water quality impacts from nutrient runoff. It’s beneficial to both the farm economy and the environment
Conservation Districts statewide received funding from the legislature for a program aimed at improving agricultural water quality through education and outreach to beginning, small, and medium farms.  As a main component of this effort, District staff met with local farmers to discuss their farm operation, short-term and long-term goals, management objectives, etc.  Through a series of questions, District staff gained a greater understanding of the farm operation and how it might grow in the future.  Based on this information, District staff then recommend beneficial conservation practices and provide information on what resources and programs are available to get the practices implemented.  Practices include cover cropping, fencing, high tunnels, clean water diversion, water source development, etc